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Your BeFit is special. It needs the right care to last longer and age well.

Wash less, wash delicately

The truth is the more you wash a cotton garment, the faster it wears out. Wash your cloth delicately by hand or in the most gentle machine cycle. It does not need to be in water for more than 15 minutes. Always wash whites with whites and darks with darks.


Easy on the detergents

Chemicals are what they are. While they clean a garment, they also take away the good stuff. Use minimal detergent and no bleach. Avoid putting detergent directly on the fabric, that can leave spots. Dry cleaning is extreme, your cloth does not need that.


Hand dry

Those spinning and drying machines are super harsh on good cotton. Hang or flat dry your cloth. Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight, that can cause the colour to fade.


Correct grooming

Iron on hot while the cloth is still damp. The neck rib is the most delicate part of the tee; iron carefully without stretching. Use a lint roller on solid tees so that they continue to look new.

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